World Stock Exchange faces an uncertain future

After today’s arguably overdue intervention by Linden Lab in regard to virtual banking in Second Life, I dropped by the World Stock Exchange to see what was going on. There was only one other person wandering around and a very short notice from WSE about Linden Lab’s announcement.


The notecard states:

“LL has introduced a new policy on banks. The FAQ says that stock exchanges “may” or “may not” be included in this policy. We are currently investigating how this new policy affects the WSE’s operations and we will update the market once there is more news.

WSE – Management”

The pivotal question is: if WSE is found to be part of the new ruling on virtual banking, how will investors on the exchange get their money back? And all criticisms of the WSE aside, expecting any financial institution to pay out to all investors at once is unfeasible.


  1. LindenLab Scammers,Law Breaker says

    Don't know about their exchange facts but i can tell you one thing linden lab will not last very long their staff scam everyone disabling ppls accounts unlawfuly and stealing their thousands of dollars i am one of those ppl.Now the second matter is their copyright issues every product inside their server is breach of copy right laws so once all this goes to court or reports starts going to police they will be shut down shortly and i plan to make sure of it if their harrassment towards me does not stop .I am being harrassed and assaulted by their staff daily fake incident reports , accounts being disabled the ones with my money on its like their support group work together to rob ppl blind and they obviously get away way to often.Can't even report their staff because it goes through support also to other abuse teams of theirs so i doubth any report done towards them goes far also i like to point out to everyone that this ppl are saying they can ban and disable anyone anytime they want which tells me this ppl have no care for their own regulations.Most importantly their freedom given towards the online casinos on second life ppl are being told by second life that even poker and roulette and so on are ok by law so they encouraging ppl to buy and sale this online casino games as well as them poker machines i thought home casino was something not allowed in real life and for police to go blind eye to them and the mgetting away with this amuses me.I like to also reach out to the designers and modelists of the world go into this second life go around some clothes stores outfit stores i am sure you will find your stolen designs there all over sl i have seen thousands of stolen designs which are being sold on second life and ppl making money of your own designs without giving you % or whatever anyway wish you all best and watch out for the scammers of linden lab staff.Oh and to the message above about 6 months back they used second life banking which i am prety sure was runed by their own staff then they bankrupted every bank on sl which made them millions of dollars so in my opinion police should investigate this guys they are getting away by to much so if they can do that and give out 60% interest on banks on sl i mean what is that say to the world?

  2. Financial Advisor Rochester says


  3. Financial Advisor Rochester says



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