Australia Council announces ‘MMUVE it!’

Hot on the heels of Babelswarm, the Australia Council has announced its next opportunity for virtual world artists: MMUVE it!

Like the previous funding, it’s available for three artists but this time the platform has been widened to any virtual world:

“With more than 73 million participants in MMUVE’s such as EverQuest, Second Life and World of Warcraft, and the recent introduction of motion-sensitive controllers such as the Nintendo Wiimote, there is great scope to develop innovative artworks in a highly networked environment that incorporates body movement and its relationship to real and virtual environments.”

There’s 30 thousand dollars on offer for development of “an inter-disciplinary artwork engaging the human body in a MMUVE of their choice.”

All the details are here.

The expectation of the successful applicants is that they ensure there’s cross-over between their virtual world creation and real world participation by the public – the Australia Council calls it “developing public exhibition opportunities”.

Applications close on May 16, 2008 and only Australian citizens or permanent residents need apply.

Richard Sealey Exhibition

On Telstra’s Ponden sim, an artist has created an exhibition presence. Richard Sealey (SL: Ritchey Jacobus) is pretty up-front with his intentions:

“I’m looking at creating a pemanent display of my art using SL to promote my name around the world with links to my website. Through this I hope to generate RL sales”.


The exhibition opens this Sunday the 25th November at 11am AEST (Sat 24th 4pm SL time).

Check it out in-world

Australia Council announce grant winners

Sorry, a little slow on the uptake on this – on the 5th September the Australia Council announced who it would give a $20 000 grant to for artstic development in Second Life, something we covered a while back.

Congratulations to Christopher Dodds, Adam Nash and Justin Clemens. We’ll try to touch base with one or all to find out about any plans underway.

(Thanks to SL Insider who made me realise I’d missed this announcement)

Tube2SL to launch – more in-world cinema

A new virtual cinema is about to launch. Tube2SL offers a website that interfaces with its SL cinemas:

“The Tube2SL website will enable its members to upload their very own film productions for showing on huge virtual screens in the Tube2SL Virtual Cinema Complex located in the virtual world of Second Life. Our aim is to provide an interactive and fun platform for amateur film makers to promote and receive feedback on their work, enter contests, meet new contacts, learn and share new skills. We for see the Tube2SL project as a precursor to the future of on-line public digital media broadcasting.”


The launch is scheduled for September 30th, 1pm-6pm SLT (7am-11am on the 31st AEST), with the background being:

“The launch has been planned to coincide with the Tube2SL YouTube Short Film Producer 2007 awards ceremony that is to be held at the Tube2SL Virtual Cinema Complex in Second Life. We have been running the contest throughout this summer via the Tube2SL YouTube Channel, with each entry being shown daily in the Tube2SL Virtual Cinema Complex. There is no fee to enter the Tube2SL Virtual Cinema Complex, allowing both our members and everyday Second Life residents the ability to watch and vote for their favourite movies in a realistic 3D virtual cinema environment.

The official contest award ceremony will commence on Saturday the 30th of September at 1pm (Second Life Time), with Mr Murcus Parker-Rhodes announcing the contest winners before handing out trophies and prizes. Mr Marcus Parker-Rhodes is an accomplished British animator and former assistant to Terry Gilliam during the making of Monty Pythons Flying Circus.

Events are planned throughout the day including live performances by the Second Life and real life renowned Beatles tribute duo, Bill and Pam Havercamp. Entries to the contest have been many and varied, consisting of machinima, animation and real life productions. The contest prize fund totals 40,000 Linden Dollars (approximately $150 USD).”

Contempo Institute shows Australian artist

The Contempo Institute is a gallery space holding an opening party on July 19th at 7pm SLT (Midday this Friday the 20th Australian Eastern time).

The exhibition is titled The Body Graffik and it showcases 2D works by four artists working with the human form. Additionally, they are showing two works by Australian artist Reni Voom: Metal Sea and the Touchable Autumn.


Reni’s take on his work and the exhibition:

“If I had my life over again I’d be a computer programmer;
If I had my life over again I’d be an architect;
If I had my life over again I’d be a graphic designer;
If I had my life over again I’d be an animal trainer; Dogs? No, more likely ducks. (Maybe I like animation rather than animal training);

If I had my life over again I’d be a bird or a goat;
If I had my life over again I’d be a scientist who studies obscure quirks of nature;
If I had my life over again I’d be a child for life;
If I had my life over again I’d be a mathematician who could fill a chalkboard with complicated equations and formulas. And understand what I have written, of course. (I’ll need a bow tie for that job).

Second Life offers an opportunity to dabble in all these fields of experience. I enjoy environments where my learning curve is steep. The ease of building within virtual reality allows me to visually brainstorm, experiment with ideas and, if luck is on my side, bring works to a stage of resolution. It happens faster in here than in real life.

Second Life is not separate from the real world, it’s an extension. I’ve spent years working in the fields of ceramics and printmaking Both these mediums combine my interest in Visual Arts and Science. Two years ago I finally completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts. My honours year was spent exploring the nature of rust and decay.

My challenge in my first series of work, as a Second Life groupie, is to create objects that evoke the sense of touch though visuals and sound. Often in galleries in real life we have to stand back from the art and experience the work passively. I want you to walk into, touch and attempt to knock over my pieces.


Reni Voom”

Check it out in-world

Australia Council announces first in-world artists forum

The Australia Council certainly can’t be accused of not howing interest in Second Life as a means of artistic expression. Last week we reported on the ‘matchmaker’ service for artists and musicians working in Second Life. Now, in conjunction with the ABC they’ve announced an artist forum for the 12th July:

“The in-world event, to be moderated by ABC’s Sunday Arts reporter/producer Fenella Kernebone, is for the Australia Council’s inaugural Second Life artist residency.

In an open forum at 7pm (EST) on ABC Island, Paris-based artist and architect Brad Kligerman – one of the first artists in Second Life to complete an in-world residency – will present his work, discuss ideas and answer participants’ questions.

Brad, an architect and teacher, completed his 11-week residency with US-based Ars Virtua , a new media centre and gallery in Second Life, where he questioned the idea of materiality in the rendered environment and the nature of image.


Australia Council chief executive officer Kathy Keele said the partnership with the ABC was a great fit with the Australia Council’s Second Life initiative. ‘The ABC was the first Australian media organisation to establish a presence in Second Life and we are excited about working with them on this project.’

‘We hope that Australian artists gain valuable insight from Brad Kligerman’s successful art interventions in Second Life and that they will be inspired to create innovative works in-world that will place them at the forefront of this groundbreaking practice,’ Kathy Keele said.

The Australia Council has also set up an artist’s forum in Second Life for artists looking for other artists with whom to collaborate. The moderated artists forum can be found at ABC Island and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) Island, Esperance.”

Like any event, places are limited so drop an email to with your Second Life Avatar name. The event will be streamed live at a location to be announced and and a vodcast . A vodcast of the event will also be available on the ABC Sunday Arts website . Sunday Arts screens at 5.00pm on… Sundays.

For more information on Ars Virtua and Brad Kligerman visit

Australia Council offers matchmaker service for SL artists

Today we received a follow up comment from the folks at the Australia Council:

“Need artists to collaborate with for the Second Life Grant opportunity?

Australia Council for the Arts has set up an artist’s forum in Second Life for artists looking for other artists to collaborate with for its Second Life grant.

The “matchmaker” blog can be found at Alternatively you can access it through Second Life via the Australia Council Billboards on ABC Island and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) Island, Esperance.

For more information on the grant visit

The Combined Artisans Guild

As mentioned last week, the concept of an Artisans Guild had been put forward. It is now a reality with an invitation-only group created:


Call for Australian Artisan’s Guild


On the SLOz forums, Aussie SL resident Rails Bailey has put forward an interesting proposition:

“When I first joined Sl, it was a wild mystery ride. Thankfully a few good people helped me on the journey.

As I travel through SL I keep meeting lots of good people who are willing to assist or offer good advice.

I have been thinking about my journey and how new Sl’ers might need some help in establishing themselves in SL. Hence this concept.

I am looking at starting an Artisan Guild (Group). The aim being to attract experienced builders who would be willing to help anybody in SL with building projects of all shapes and sizes.

Obviously such services from experienced Artisans would not come free, and such a Guild would need a strong code of Ethical Practice.

I am canvassing opinion on this concept and would greatly appreciate input from all Second Life citizens, irrespective of their knowledge base within SL.

My name in SL is Rails Bailey.

Looking forward to your responses”

It would appear such a guild, if created thoughtfully, could provide a great service for new SL users. What are your thoughts? Respond here or on the forums

Not Long Now

Actually, it is. Long Now is a foundation that hopes “to creatively foster responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years” i.e. it is involved in projects that work against the “faster/cheaper mindset”. One of its founding board members is musical icon Brian Eno and he has an art installation entitled ’77 Million Paintings’ that is about to make its debut in Second Life.


Eno’s enormous body of work in fusing aural and visual landscapes is an obvious fit for Second Life. And there’s no risk of SL being labeled faster OR cheaper.

Thanks to 3pointD for the heads-up

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