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Aussie Let’s Sing Books Index

If you grew up in Australia in the 1950s through to the early 2000s, you may remember the 'Let's Sing' books that primary … [Read More...]

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Apple Adapter Manufacturer Concerned At Apple Direction

A US-based manufacturer of adapters and dongles for Apple products has come out today expressing concern at the direction … [Read More...]

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Interview – Gizzy Electricteeth (Kelly Daly), IBM

Gizzy Electricteeth (aka Kelly Daly) is another Australian in SL that has been a very active participant in a range of areas. … [Read More...]

The Unofficial Second Life Building Guide – 5 copies up for grabs

Killer Guides are a well-known e-book producer in the MMO sphere. Their recently launched Second Life Building Guide is a … [Read More...]

Greg Hunt Running Like Hell

Dead Dingo's Donger releases a daily picture taken from politicians themselves and adds a twist. Dead Dingo's Donger … [Read More...]

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