Live Future 2020 event in Second Life this Sunday

Global Youth Futures are running an event this weekend called ‘Live Futures 2020:A World of Possiblity’.

It’s being held in Newtown, Sydney but there’s a stream being coordinated by Jokay Wollongong, with some interesting speakers confirmed (all times in AEST):

12pm – Welcome and Second Life orientation

12:30pm AEST – Dell Wolfensparger shares some his work and insights, followed by a tour of his island.

1:30pm – Topophilia – Love of Land: AAEE Gallery Exhibition, Islands of jokaydia. Birut Zemits and members of the Australian Association for Environmental Education will share their exhibition in Second Life, titled Topophilia – Love of Land

3:00pm AEST – Global Challenges and Sustainable Futures – Cocreation and Collaboration Session
Janine Cahill and her team will lead an inworld discussion and collaboration session – which will explore some of the issues presented at the real life conference. Help co-create the future!

4:30pm – Dr. Andrew Wallace PhD, Director of the Network of European Technocrats
Dr Wallace will give a presentation titled Technocracy: Building a New Sustainable Society for a Post Carbon World live in Second Life.

If you want to join in, here’s where to go.

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