Italian Earthquake Benefit in Second Life

I won’t embellish this announcement from Australian Second Life resident, Rebelmuum Slade, on a fundraiser being held tomorrow morning at 6am AEST (1pm SL time):

When disaster strikes the global community of SL unites in love and acts fast.

One of the wonders of this marvellous community is the closeness of people from all over the globe.

Last week our Italian friends were shocked by an earthquake that killed many too many and left so many more homeless and injured. The Phoenix Wave Mentors decided to put on a benefit to help those in need.

The following invitation recommends making donations directly to the Red Cross. For those who want to donate lindens or bid at the auction on the day we will dedicated jars with one person responsible for ensuring all lindens are givne to the Italian Red Cross.

Should you wish a deeper look at this wonderful story of love across the oceans, Ghost Trefoil is the benefit Co-ordinator and Ghost Ulich is the founder of Phoenix Wave Mentors.

Please pass this invitation to your groups and help us to help others in need. AND of course we would love to see you there!

We have a wonderful line up of entertainers who donated their talent to organise and entertain, who gave items or selves for auction 🙂

1pm – Rush Parkin – opens with his new special song and then conducts the first auction
2pm – dune burt (Italian DJ) entertains and leads the way to the second auction
3pm – 5pm : Alexdancemusic (Italian DJ) Takes us through to the end and hosts the next 3 auctions

Some auction items – auctions will occur just after each hour:

– 2 hour personal modelling lesson and a professional portfolio,
– 2 weeks on the beach in a lovely little (SL) holiday house.
– A 2-hour PG date with Ghost Ulich
– 2 hour personal tour with author of star journey Richard Geer. Plus a copy of the ebook
– A 2 hour PG date with Rebelmum Slade
– Personal styling indulgence with lillyanne lewsley ( new skin, shape, clothes, eyes, etc )

5.30pm Total Lindens raised announced – reciept from Italian Red cross will be posted in PW notices

Cheers Rebelmuum Slade

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