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SA-based Kerry Johnson is a an educator who let me know about two projects she’s been involved with. The first is a video called “Immersive Learning” it’s game on!”. Kerry states its purpose is “to help educators start conversations with administrators and policy makers regarding the educational benefits of immersive learning environments.”

This is one impressive effort that beautifully sums up the educational outcomes being generated in virtual environments like Second Life, World of Warcraft and Quest Atlantis. Watch it for yourself here:

You can download the video here and it’s licensed under a Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-commercial, No Derivatives license.

The second project is happening this Friday, 4 September. TAFESA are after educators willing to be volunteers to roleplay customers for a Second Life scenario for customer service trainees. If you are interested, register here.

The TAFE sphere have been key drivers of virtual worlds and education in Australia, and videos like the one above make it clear why.


  1. Try this shorter link

  2. clarissarossi says:

    The link for TAFESA´s roleplay project is broken…

  3. Hi there

    Thanks for your review of the video – I hope that educators find it a useful conversation starter and will use it as they need!

    I'm not directly involved in TAFE SA's project so don't want to take any credit for that — Jacinta Ryan and Ruth Frazer are due all the credit there.

    The video was a product of's Immersive Learning Unit and Jacinta and Ruth graciously allowed me to use their materials, as did Indiana University and Loyalist College. I'd love to be a mirror to other people's candles in future — so if you have a project in an immersive world, please get in touch with me!


    p 08 8334 3218

  4. thanks for the download link and its really great to watch useful video

  5. thanks for the download link and its really great to watch useful video

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