Hard to find places in World of Warcraft Cataclysm

Now that Cataclysm has launched, I thought I might document key parts of the new content that have got me stuck, and the solutions. Apologies to regular readers who are non-WoW players – nothing to see here ;) For everyone else, I’ve divided the issues by each region and am assuming you have at least followed your map to the rough location.


The Ruins of Lar’Donir (location of Alysra): at the very top centre of the Hyjal map – WoW shows the location south-west of it for some reason, which threw me for quite a while.

The Barrow Dens location: immediately to the right of the Lar’Donir Ruins.

Darkflame Ember: it’s in the brazier with the purple flame – I just had to adjust my camera view to see it.

Dark Iron Laborer: These are found within the portal on Lightning Ledge. It’s obvious unless you log out and come back the next day in which case you may do what I did and run around outside the portal wondering where they are.

Cindermaul the Portal Master and the Tome of Openings: he’s also found in the portal on Lightning Ledge (the topmost portal on the map). There’s been reports that the chest he drops can’t be accessed – I got the Tome of Openings from his corpse.

Spawn of Smolderos: This one was a little embarrassing – I had taken the quest then logged out. I then couldn’t work out where on the map the Spawn of Smolderos was until I finally realised it’s a summons from the quest item provided to you.


Bottle of Whisky: this is found on the airship itself, just go down the flight of stairs on the middle of the ship’s deck then keep walking straight ahead to the northernmost room and the bottle is there.


Scepter of Orsis: I felt really silly on this one – all you need to do is click on the same spot you handed the previous quest in to.

High Priest Amet: don’t be thrown by the quest question mark – the entrance is via stairs on the side of the dam wall walkway along the top.

Piece of Rope: Just kill the skeletons for the pieces

Harrison Jones ‘See You On The Other Side’: lots of reports of glitches. I needed to relog once and turn around and Harrison appeared. Some people have had to abandon the quest and pick it up again.

107 quests – need one more: Most likely one you’ve missed is in the Cradle of Ancients – kill a Diseased Vulture and you’ll pick up a final quest.

Twilight Highlands

The Only Homes We Have Quest: You receive a bucket in your inventory – I’d just missed receiving it.


  1. Thanks for the help on the Darkflame Ember. I fly by that a million times before I read your post!

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