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New iDongle Universal Adapter

With the mission Apple is on with removing as many ports from their products as possible, it’s time for a universal adapter to make everyone’s life easier:



Apple Adapter Manufacturer Concerned At Apple Direction


A US-based manufacturer of adapters and dongles for Apple products has come out today expressing concern at the direction Apple has taken in recent years with constantly superseding ports that the majority of users actually use.

Ed Faroun, CEO of Advanced Workflow Systems, admits that business has never been better but sees the millions of extra revenue as a bitter pill to swallow.


CEO, wine lover and global citizen: Ed Haroun

“We’ve grown from a team of 4 to more than 3000 on the back of Apple removing ports from their devices,” Faroun said. “Firewire is what really kicked us off, but the format swap of iPad and iPhone cables is what made us huge. We’re actually projecting nearly 100% growth in the next year once headphone jacks, USB-A ports and SD card slots all disappear. If the rumours are true and Apple go with SCSI Mk 2 as the next standard we may end up with profits close to Apple’s. It’s great financially but I can’t help but think Apple has lost its focus.”

When quizzed on why a company that is raking in billions would complain, Faroun’s response was emphatic.

“I go to bed at night contemplating two things. The first is how far can this go? Think of how many millions of devices will need to be discarded outright, let alone the tens of millions of adapters we’re selling now. It has a big impact on the environment. Add to that my concern over the environmental impact of me buying a fourth house and a second plane and it really starts to look like Apple are going down a path they’ll regret. And at the end of the day, I don’t see my legacy as being the guy who helped make desks the most cluttered in history.”

When pressed, Haroun offered some advice to Apple.

“Apple needs someone to make it great again. I hear someone may soon be looking for a job that tried to make America great. Could he do that bad a job at Apple?”

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Cyndi Lauper As You’ve Never Heard Her Before

cyndi_lauper_-_i_drove_all_night_-_youtubeI’ve been a fan of Cyndi Lauper’s for more than thirty years and over that time it’s been amazing to watch how she’s continued to go from strength to strength.

Her voice is as brilliant as it’s ever been and it got me thinking. I saw someone had done a 33rpm upload of Dolly Parton’s Jolene and I immediately wanted to try the same with one of Cyndi Lauper’s songs. And what a gem it’s turned out to be.

Check out I Drove All Night on vinyl at 33rpm.

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Review: Hole In Your Pocket – The Panics

562871_5f525ddd5b5c43b78b6c255a2e7ab09bmv2_d_2000_2000_s_2I don’t know what it is specifically about WA-bred bands, but they know how to write some big songs.

As someone who rates The Triffids as one of the best bands to ever come out of Australia, I’m more than willing to put The Panics in that company. And they’ve produced enough great songs to give Born Sandy Devotional one hell of a run for its money. Yes that’s a big call but i stand by it.

Hole In Your Pocket is the fifth album from The Panics and it’d be unfair to say they’ve hit their stride as that arguably happened more than five years ago. This album is polished without sounding self-assured and passionate without being florid. Cinematic is a term often applied to this group and it’s for good reason – the scope of these songs vary but they all feel like significant events.

Highlights for me are Carparks of Greschen, Not Apart, Not Together and the first release from the album, Weatherman. That said, at nine songs the album has no flab anyway so it’s an academic exercise finding outright favourites.

If you’re after fist-pumping four to the floor rock then look elsewhere – although this outfit are no slouches in the live arena either from the couple of gigs I’ve seen. They’re about to hit the road in coming months in support of the album.

If you like some real meat on the bones of your rock music, then you may just want to check out Hole In Your Pocket and pretty much every other release from these guys.

Check out Weatherman right now:

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