OmniFocus 2 Always Asking for Sync Password? Here’s the fix

Screenshot_30_05_2014_2_05_pmI decided to try out OmniFocus 2 to try and get a bit more structure in my life. I’ve downloaded the trial version and am impressed with it so far. There was just one frustration: every few minutes I get the dialog pop up asking me to enter my Sync username and password (which you set up when you register with Omni).

It was driving me bonkers and after some trawling I found the solution that worked for me (on Omnifocus 2 for Mac):

1) Quit OmniFocus.
2) In the “Utilities” folder on your Mac, launch the “Keychain Access” app.
3) Enter “omnigroup” in the search field in the upper right of the Keychain Access window.
4) Click the header of the “Name” column at the left of the window to sort the results alphabetically.
5) Scroll down to the entries that start with “sync” (in some cases, you’ll see something like “sync3” or some other number; that counts too.)

Delete all the entries, then quit Keychain access. Tell OmniFocus to sync, enter the login information one last time, and you should be up and running.

Worked a dream for me and I hope it works for you.

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