Weekend Whimsy

1. SECOND LIFE: No Love (Bryn Oh)

2. The Worst of Second Life – Episode 2

3. Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling Second Life Dance

Weekend Whimsy

1. San Francisco in Second Life

2. Decisions by Ne-Yo ft.Brandy : A Second Life Music Video

3. Breaking Dawn Trailer – #9 SL YouTube Vid

Weekend Whimsy

I don’t often comment on each week’s machinima roundup but I’m struck this week on the outright quality of each of the pieces below.

In the more than 2 years (140 weeks and counting), we’ve been featuring machinima each weekend, there’s always something funny, inspirational or just plain wacky to watch.

Over that time, like you’d expect with any artform, it’s continued to mature and the three pieces below certainly show that. As always, if you have your own machinima that you’d like featured, drop us a line. Enjoy!

1. It’s a wonderful Second Life: Breathe 2

2. mAdvertising

3. Second Life – Falling In And Out @ Element The 7th

Weekend Whimsy

1. Amy Speace, Step out of the Shade

2. Second Life Episode 8 – Entourage Of Giant Snails

3. Second Life : Boeing 737

Weekend Whimsy

1. The Worst of Second Life – Episode 1

2. Time-lapse Ahern Mandala Second Life

3. ICS Ballet’s Mist II(Bolero) in Second Life

Weekend Whimsy

1. Ms / Mr Second Life International 2010

2. Second Life Tribute To Aaliyah Rock The Boat Starring NiaSymone Batista

3. Second Life HD – COOL PLACES – 2 (slide show) – Madonna

Weekend Whimsy

1. Second Life has talent!

2. Second Life Tribute To Lady Gaga Love Games Starring Winter Sideways

3. Second LIfe Episode 4 – Ozimals Lady Gaga Sex Playboy Bunny

Weekend Whimsy

1. Second Life – Imagination

2. MooN – SlimGirlFat [Second Life]

3. Dantooine Jedi Enclave Second Life Star Wars Role Play

Weekend Whimsy

1. Second Life Episode 3 – A Romance

2. Second Life Zbrush Speed Sculpt: Ichigo’s hollow mask

3. *SILVERMOTORSPORTS* R34 vs R32Driveing

Weekend Whimsy

1. Location avid GOTHIC in second life

2. Second Life – Interesting Places – INSPIRE SPACE Park


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