Avoiding the Cliche

One of the driving forces behind my healthy ego is the belief that cliche needs to be avoided. It sets apart those who can create art, from all the never-rans who bathe daily in stereotype and cliche. Therefore, today’s topic for discussion is:

My Year’s Resolutions.

1. To see if I can keep this blog going beyond the 5th January.

2. To be discovered by a talent scout at a major publishing house here on this blog and based on what’s contained here alone, signed up on a 5-book, 28 million dollar contract. Based on that last sentence alone I’m a shoe-in.

3. To continue to forge new non-cliched pathways through the existence we call life.


  1. Well, then, May the Force Be With You!

    Remember, it’s not so much about what you put in the cookie jar as it is about what you keep in the closet.

    And a dog in the collar is worth six trips to the video store.

    And the grass upon which you tread lightly learns no lesson.


  2. Guano.

  3. Good on ya. Cuz wherever you go and whatever you do even if you been there before or done it before, it’s really the first time any time you go or do, unless it’s some kind of deja vu thing but that’s most likely a slip in memory processes and it seems so cliche’ when that happens, doesn’t it? Or eerie, yea, that’s it. And you’re too hip and overall mentally sound for cliche or eerie.

  4. So, here’s the thing. I don’t necessarily like using cliches either. But, what’s even more important to me than avoiding cliches, is that I prefer to be unpredictable. If that means using an occasional cliche just to keep the people on their toes, then so be it. That’s the thing.

  5. You are doing drugs, yeah? admit it!

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