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A few years ago I did a trip through the Macquarie Marshes over an October long weekend. Whilst the marshes are technically speaking under the control of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, much of the public access is conducted only on October long weekends through the Discovery programs run by the locals of Quambone and surrounding properties.

This stunning area of Australia which, like most places in recent times, is being sorely tried by our prolonged drought, is well worth the visit. Not only to see the effect man and nature has made upon this wetland area but to also enjoy and meet a local community that takes pride. Pride in the area’s natural beauty and ecological importance including pains to try and preserve and manage the area sustainably.

The small general store, 2 teacher school and community hall are at the “town” centre – not to mention the pub, of course! With the area’s race course a short stroll from the town centre you can’t help but appreciate the importance of these communities to Australia’s heritage.

What does this have to do with SL? Well, whilst wandering around the other night I came across an area called The Woodland Virtual Nature Center and it reminded me of the many places in Australia that have a similar message to tell.

Woodland Virtual Nature Center isn’t a great place – yet! However, the idea behind it has some major potential to those important nature areas of Australia where people cannot visit either for reasons of mobility or the sheer distances involved to get there.

As you look at Woodland, consider the view behind you after you teleport in. It gives pause for thought.

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