John Howard in SL

How many John Howards do you think you will find in SL at the moment? I went and had a look and… there are six of them! I also noticed an interesting coincidence. All these John Howards were created between the 24th August and 31st August 2006 but only one of them, perhaps the real John Howard stepping forward, had the correct spelling of our Prime Minister’s name.


I’m not one for conspiracy theories but it struck me as a little weird that in the space of seven days at the end of August 2006 there six John Howards appeared in SL. None of them have any details in their profile other than the default details. It’s not unusual for new members to do some kind of profile adjustment, maybe a bit of information or a pithy little witicism on life, second life, death and the hereafter. Not these Johnnies – just a blank canvas waiting for, well, maybe an election?

If one of these John Howards happened to be linked to our current PM perhaps other members of our parliamentary system have also created themselves a new constituency. So, following my instincts I looked for Kevin Rudd…


… no luck!

Who knows, maybe closer to the next federal election we may find a few other of our illustrious leaders.


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