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Bella Dutton is an Aussie SL resident who has a very busy second life split between her involvement with QT Labs and her own clothing line, BDD (Bella Dutton Designs). Add to this Bella’s role as a member of the production crew for the band Space Junkies and a raft of other building and shop projects and Bella has filled the nine months of her residency in SL to the brim.

After opening up a shop called “Red Earth” within her first few weeks in SL, Bella is now at the point where she is running a team of designers for her current shop BDD whilst acting as part of the QT Labs group as an Advanced Virtual Integration Expert.


I caught up with Bella the other night and asked her where she was at with her Second Life and involvement in QT Labs.

Bella Dutton: We believe that at QT Labs we provide a virtual integration of creation, nurturing, building and subsequent maitenence/upgrades of virtual communities. We understand the philosophy, design requirements and intended use and schedule for occupancy so we provide the skills to integrate any organisation or collaborate into SL enviroment/community.

Graham: And you personally – where do you see yourself in say 6 to 12 months in SL? Apart from the AVIE and QT involvement, the shop is your personal enterprise isn’t it?

Bella Dutton: It is, l work with a team of designers and work as a mentor too for newbies.

Graham: I have noticed that SL is a sharing community. Do you think that aspect is a vital one?

Bella Dutton: It does have that sharing community, that is very true as when you think with us all here we are creatures of nature, we all need to feel part of a group or team.

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