iLife 11 announced: iMovie returned to its former glory?

Mr Jobs had another one of his announcement extravaganzas today, announcing a slew of new hardware and software. Australian Macworld have a great wrap on it all (Disclosure: I am a contributing writer for Australian Macworld), but aside from the understandable excitement on the Mac App Store and Mac OSX Lion, I was most taken by the update to the iLife suite.

Like a lot of iMovie users, I loved the 06 version, which was then arguably devolved to iMovie 08. I’ve actually gotten used to the 08 version but it still doesn’t make the grade in a lot of ways. It seems that Apple have actually heeded the outcry, with the 2011 iteration looking a little more like its grandfather. There’s also a bunch of new features such as storyboarding and simple trailer creation that will reflected in thousands of online video uploads.

I’ve got a review copy of iLife 11 on order, so watch this space, and the Apple guff on iLife can be found here.

In the meantime, a prediction: the new Mac App Store will see iMovie, iPhoto and Garageband plugins / add-ons for sale.

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