How to edit an Apple Watch workout 2021

Have you forgotten to turn off your workout on your Apple Watch. It happens to me too often and I’ve finally gotten around to working out how to change a workout so it reflects the reality of what I did.

Apple keep changing their Fitness app, so other sites’ instructions can be confusing. So as at February 2021, here’s how to do it pure and simple:

  1. Open the Health app on your iOS device:

2. Select ‘Show All Health Data’ section, which will open this page:

3. Select the Exercise Minutes section, which will then open this page:

4. On this page scroll down until you see the section called ‘Show All Data’, press that and a list will show up:

5. Now you have two options. To delete a whole workout just press on the Edit button at the top and then press the red circle next to workout you want to get rid of. If you only want to remove part of the workout, then press on the workout in question and this page appears:

Yes, that’s your workout in one minute blocks. You can delete each one by either swiping right to left or by pressing the Edit button and then selecting the red circle next to each one.

6. That’s it! You Fitness app will sync pretty much right away and your unwanted extra minutes on your rings will disappear from your Apple Watch.

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