News of the Worlds.

Rezzable dumps down a new load of fun and excitement.

The SL Dumpster is a great place for dumping off unwanted portions of your Second Life inventory – and the virtual archeologists will thank you for it.

Metaforum announces that bloggers posting on virtual world topics have the option of being paid per post, where the post references a topic chosen by the Metaforum editor.

News of the Worlds

Taken in an OpenSim sim.

The ANGEL Learning Management Suite (LMS) is to be integrated with Second Life to establish a secure means for students to submit coursework created within Second Life.

Eric Reuters interviews Linden Lab VP Joe Miller, breaking through the barriers created by Lewis PR, to find out how Linden Lab plans to alter their revenue model to face the challenges created by OpenSim and other emerging virtual worlds.

Robert Bloomfield ponders our future intellectual property rights; is it true, that you can’t take it with you?

News Of the Worlds

See ak's CLINIC before you die.

Zha Ewry exposits: the first steps have been taken, where to now for interoperability?

justincc wonders: why are there so many Second Life clients based on the original Linden Lab code? Where are all the clients built without it?

Virtual worlds, real skills. Perhaps, as with the telephone, people will realize that along with real, transferable skills, there are real people having real interactions in virtual worlds.

“Today we’re going to talk about building bridges. We’ve never built a bridge, nor have we talked to anyone who has; however, we are going to talk to a visually impaired chap who’s seen a picture of one …” Apparently, Second Life is dead.

News of the Worlds

IBM Green Business Centre and surrounds.

Damning Google’s Lively with faint praise; M Linden’s (Mark Kingdon, Linden Lab CEO) second post.

Tateru Nino’s reactions to M Linden’s post. Also read Gwyneth Llewelyn’s comments concerning the possible demise of the metaverse following Lively’s release.

Zee Linden gets the quarterly figures out in a timely fashion.

Linden Lab announces success with the interoperability projectone month after the fact.

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