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Wireless music at home for beginners

A concise article on some wireless music options for beginners can be found here.

If you have a Mac or PC with an enormous music collection on it, the wireless option is well worth thinking about if your current hi-fi system is on its last legs…..

How do I remove non-essential language files from OSX?



I gained an extra 1.5 gigabytes of disk space after Monolingual removed thousands of files (It took close to an hour).

Freeware at its very best

Mondo Rock rock!

I was a true 80’s tragic last night and went to the Countdown Spectacular. And even after removing all the sentimental appeal of the show, it still is more than worth seeing. The quality was very high, with highlights being:

1. Mondo Rock – they still have it, they really do.

2. Leo Sayer – an entertainer with voice intact.

3. Brian Canham – the house keyboard player murdered his sound selection for Funkytown, but Canham again proved himself as one of the most underrated guitar players in the country.

4. Renee Geyer – impressive.

There were more than 20 acts and all had something to offer. If you add in the sentimentality factor than you might have one of the best nights out in a long, long time.

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