Apple The Bully

Link here – unbelievable

Hacker breaks into Mac

Just a reminder that no operating system is secure:

US Macworld article here

How do I speed up my Dashboard widgets?

By following the steps here. The performance improvement was very noticeable!

Is there a good freeware screenshot utility for Mac?

Is there ever. Thanks to to the Aus Mac Ed blog who’ve covered the InstantShot application. Well worth the money it costs – nothing.

New site for Aussie Mac Educators

Aus MacEd is a new site for Mac-based educators recently launch, and a pretty sight for sore eyes it is. Recommended reading if you’re part of the target group.

Creating Favicons for your website in OSX

There’s an excellent tutorial here:

A favicon is a 16 by 16 pixel image that appears immediately to the left on the URL in your browser’s address bar – it also will appear in your favourites / bookmarks list.

This blog now has one – a great tutorial. That said, because I don’t have Photoshop I just used GraphicConverter (link in tutorial) on its own with no problems – I created the 16 x 16 pixel size then saved direct to Windows Icon – it came out at 4K from an original 2 MB file.

For WordPress users, insert the required code link code in the header.php file of your WordPress template.

How do I see which are the biggest files on my Mac?

OmniDiskSweeper is a shareware app that will scan your hard drive in OSX and list all your files in order of their size. If you pay the $15 registration you get a delete button rather than having to remove files manually.

Wireless music at home for beginners

A concise article on some wireless music options for beginners can be found here.

If you have a Mac or PC with an enormous music collection on it, the wireless option is well worth thinking about if your current hi-fi system is on its last legs…..

How do I remove non-essential language files from OSX?



I gained an extra 1.5 gigabytes of disk space after Monolingual removed thousands of files (It took close to an hour).

Freeware at its very best

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