The Pond expands

As Tateru Nino has reported on Second Life Insider, the Pond have added another two sims: Pondagon and Pondi Beach.

An increase in rental property is an obvious driver for Pondagon in particular. Pondi Beach is off limits at this stage – maybe some surfing competitions are on the way? I personally would like to see a ‘Find Harold Holt’ treasure hunt….

Griefers cause of grid problems?

Fellow Aussie SL blogger Tateru Nino is alleging that foul play is behind the past few days’ glitchiness in SL.

Whatever it is, it’s intermittent and causing a lot of frustration. I attempted twice over the weekend to complete a full lap on the Relay for Life and both times my browser crashed. Has your time in SL been affected by the glitches?

Location guide for new users

Tateru Nino from SL Insider has formulated a brilliant list of locations for new SL users to visit.


It’s well worth spending some time checking out the locations mentioned.

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