Apple Mail: Where is my Junk Mail folder?

If like me you get lots of emails each day, you will also have an ever-growing Junk Mail folder that you want to check every now and then to ensure nothing important has been flagged by mistake.

With the advent of MAC OS Big Sur, Apple Mail had some changes made, which means that your Junk Mail folder will not necessarily appear by default. Thankfully it’s an easy fix:

  1. Open Apple Mail
  2. Look over to the top left of the window and you’ll see All Inboxes:

3. Run your mouse over the word Favourites

4. You will now see a small circle with a plus-sign in it to the right:

5. Click on the plus-sign and a small window will open:

6. Click on the drop-down menu and select All Junk Mail and then Ok.

7. You will now see the All Junk folder appear in your list on the left:

It seems a non-intuitive and cumbersome process to me, but at least you know how to get back your junk mail. I never thought I’d say that sentence 😉

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