Bunny is my friend and worst critic

Bunny is a cool guy. He has wit, intelligence and a body that’s gonna kill him (as opposed to one to die for). In other words he’s just like me.

Trouble is, he thinks this blog is already as boring as bat-shit. I think that’s a bit harsh this early on, but given he’s me and I’m him, I can’t argue too hard. What a bind to be in.



  1. Christopher Robin says

    I don’t think your blog is “as boring as bat-shit”. I, for one, find bat-shit highly entertaining.

  2. You know, there are people on this earth that make stuff out of bat-shit. It’s rather useful…..oar is it?

  3. Most of them are about 8′ x 12′. Some have a little window. Some people just keep old junk in them. Wewus hides from his wife in one- kinda like a suburban Ted Kazynski, I imagine. Some are “potting sheds” and filled with shovels, manure, maybe a weedwacker.
    I’d like to get this one at Home Depot; it looks like a little red barn.

    Shed talk is teh roXxorz !111one

  4. Geroge W. Bush says

    Yes, my fellow ‘merican…it is in fact teh roxorz one one.
    and I approve of this message.

    he he hi he.


  5. See? I told you. Dull as guano.

  6. Geroge W. Bush says

    You’re either with us or against us. If you’re not with us, you’re a ter’ist….and you like teh butts3cks!!1!one

    Now make like a wing and take dream!!!!11

  7. Like Chris sez, Batshit is interesting.

  8. Batman is drunk!!

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