Cricket – there’s a subject!

Unless you’re from Australia, England, the West Indies, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa, New Zealand or Pakistan, you probably have no idea what Cricket is. Or you may have seen it on TV for thirty seconds, shaken your head and gone bake to your Sudoku puzzle.

Well, all I have to say on the topic is that it is the one sport I love – all 40 hours of it (if it’s a test match).

If you don’t like cricket then you aren’t civilised – most people don’t realise that is a Newtonian Law.


  1. What about India?

    India is made up of layers.



  2. I’m an Amer’can who finds baseball somewhat tedious. You expect me to sit through an entire Cricket match? As if! I could write and record 20 new songs in the time it takes to play a single match. Bloody waste of time, if you asked me, AND BY POSTING THIS GUANO YOU CERTAINLY HAVE ASKED ME, YOU QUIVERING WALLABEE-CUDDLER!!

  3. Buddy Holly died too young! His death took the heart and soul right out of the Crickets.. 🙁

  4. I prefer Bics.

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