I’m feeling the pressure

The reponse to my first few blogettes has been overwhelming. There’s been a general lauding of my capability, attention to detail and extremely humourous approach to the intrinsic human condition.

Trouble is, I got nothing else to say that I can think of…………

Maybe a discussion on Behringer gear?

I know – I installed Native Instruments’ Acoustik Piano plugin last night and have had my mind blown by how good it is – you can hear the virtual hammers lifting off the strings, stuff like that.

That’s all I’ve got. 🙁


  1. Guano!!

  2. Geroge W. Bush says

    Do they have crickets in Austria?

  3. Lets discuss sects!

    Sects is always a good topic for discussion.

  4. Do they have guano in Asstralia?

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