Australian media attention grows on SL (and SLOz!)

We’re not the sort of site to brag, but we have to say we’re thrilled with the positive response received from Australian mainstream media and tech bloggers over the past week to our press release promoting Aussies innovating in SL. To date we’ve had coverage from:

1. PC World / Computer World

2. Sydney Morning Herald

3. Respected tech journo, Brad Howarth

4. Techcraunch


5. Gamer newswire

The best thing to come from the coverage is a growing awareness that there are aussies out there doing innovative stuff in a new area. What it also shows is the need for the Australian SL community to work collaboratively where possible to ensure we punch above our weight in the broader SL community. Of course, we’d suggest that this site is the best central point in real-life, particularly our discussion forums, but of course the final decision is up to you.

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