Chez Xay

The Chez Xay Tropical Island Resort covers all of Tamita Island, Irukandji (a type of jellyfish native to North Queensland). I stumbled across Chez Xay when doing a search of classifieds using the term ‘Australian’. In Xay Tomesen’s own words:

“The resort is gay owned, straight friendly, with a focus on harmony and nature. Beyond the main beach and shops, Tamita Island is a maze of deep ravines, untouched plains, walking tracks, and rainforests.

Our residents are few and enjoy a quiet lifestyle. Most of the island’s visitors come to see its attractions, including a large RL art gallery, house and land rentals, and one of the largest menswear stores in SL, featuring original Australian designs.

The resort also houses the SL corporate head office of Body Sync, a Brisbane based chain of beauty salons, who use our facilities for staff training and conferences.”

Check it out in-world.


  1. Sorry, but that swimwear from that photo looks revolting!

  2. Sorry, but that swimwear from that photo looks revolting!

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