Linden give a glimpse of SL’s Web Services future

In a technically dense post on the Linden Blog, future development plans for Second Life. For the layperson, what it essentially means is that over time, a lot of things that the main grid needs to deal with (messaging for instance) will move to an aligned Web Services framework, which should ease a lot of the burden on the grid with a subsequent improved user experience. Or as put by Babbage Linden:

“It’s an attractive prospect, but there are a couple of practical problems: there are hundreds of methods that send or process messages using the current LLMessageSystem API and there are a few messages that really should be sent over UDP rather than HTTP. So, instead of refactoring the whole of Second Life to send messages via capabilities we’ve instead refactored the message system to optionally build LLSD messages and send them over HTTP instead of always using message templates and UDP”

Aren’t you glad SLOz is here to decipher? Of course, the number one issue faced by Australian users is lag due to geography – the proposed changes may help but not to th extent it will in the United States.

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