SL support systems take the next step

Cyn Linden has announced the imminent launch of an improved support system for SL users. In the past few months there appeared to be a deterioration in support options for users including the closing of a number of sections on the SL community forums.

The new system is a tiered one – if you pay to use SL then your level of support increases. For premium users, support will predominantly be via the website however the inclusion of a support history is welcome to track responses to identified issues. If your land fees exceed $125 US per month you have access to live phone help on top of the other optiions.

I’d expect some backlash from free account holders on the new tiered structure and given the likelihood of most support requests coming from new users, Linden Labs have firmly directed those users to ‘read the manual’.

The full list of options are:

Premium Accounts: Premium accounts that pay a membership fee monthly, quarterly or annually get further access. They can:
-Access the Knowledge Base and solution finder
-Submit a support ticket
-Have a live chat session with a support team member
-Have access to their own personalized support history page which tracks all ticket and correspondence, as well as live text chat session for later reference and to monitor progress

These services will initially be available through the Support Portal on the website.

Concierge Accounts: Concierge clients (US$125 per month or greater in Land fees, mainland or private estate) have access to the above services plus:
-Dedicated phone line currently with 17/5 coverage and moving to 24/7 shortly
-Live text chat and ticketing coverage with extended hours
-Monitoring of rollback requests17/7 with grid back up the hours we aren’t yet covering

You can access those services through the Support Portal on the website.

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