Call for Australian Artisan’s Guild


On the SLOz forums, Aussie SL resident Rails Bailey has put forward an interesting proposition:

“When I first joined Sl, it was a wild mystery ride. Thankfully a few good people helped me on the journey.

As I travel through SL I keep meeting lots of good people who are willing to assist or offer good advice.

I have been thinking about my journey and how new Sl’ers might need some help in establishing themselves in SL. Hence this concept.

I am looking at starting an Artisan Guild (Group). The aim being to attract experienced builders who would be willing to help anybody in SL with building projects of all shapes and sizes.

Obviously such services from experienced Artisans would not come free, and such a Guild would need a strong code of Ethical Practice.

I am canvassing opinion on this concept and would greatly appreciate input from all Second Life citizens, irrespective of their knowledge base within SL.

My name in SL is Rails Bailey.

Looking forward to your responses”

It would appear such a guild, if created thoughtfully, could provide a great service for new SL users. What are your thoughts? Respond here or on the forums


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