AIIA forum discusses opportunities and threats for Australian Business

On Wednesday 29th August, the Australian Information Industry Association held an in-world forum entitled: “Are Virtual Worlds relevant to my Marketing Effort?”.


Moderated by yours truly, the panelists were:

1. Lise Robiani (Lisa Romano), Project Manager, Strategic Development, ABC Innovation – ABC
2. Gizzy Electricteeth (Kelly Yeoh), Virtual Worlds Engineer, IBM
3. Caliope Voss (Mandy Salomon), Senior Researcher, User Environments, Smart Internet Technology CRC – Swinburne University of Technology
4. Texas TimTam (Grace Roberts), Founding Director – Second Life TV Network & Cattle Puppy Productions

The discussion ranged from engagement strategies to brand opportunities and threats with a variety of questions from the twenty or so attendees.

An audio transcript should be available soon and we’ll add it here.

More pictures from the event here.


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