New aussie rentals

I noticed a new aussie presence popped up on search this week: LeeLee Land. Owned by SL resident LeeLee Dagger, her aims for the island are:

“One island, sprinkled with beautiful houses, half a cup of romance and a pinch of that community feeling! This is the simple recipe I followed to cook up LeeLee Land.

Having been on SL for a while now, I noticed many aussies tend to stick together and I thought there might be a market for rental properties – aussie owned and aussie occupied. I will provide residents with a modern home that ensures them privacy and security while ensuring a romantic atmosphere for those quiet private moments. All houses surround a gorgeous shared area comprising of a water fall, lounges and a dance floor.”


Of course, Telstra have a similar rental offering but it’ll be interesting to see the level of take-up. Are you the sort of SL resident that likes close engagement with other RL countrymen?

Check it out in-world


  1. Orion Keynes says:

    What a kool idea. Good job LeeLee

  2. Orion Keynes says:

    What a kool idea. Good job LeeLee

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