VastPark evolution continues

VastPark is a platform we’ve covered a number of times, mainly because of its Australian roots. There’s been some further development occur, with launch of forums and some new features in the software itself:

1. Support for 3D audio and ability to script sound effects to occur on certain events.

2. Chase controller: “Attach objects to each other. Have objects (mesh, cameras, etc) chase other objects. The system generates smooth chasing automatically. Set up a solar system, have planets chase the suns rotation, or a barrel knocking over brick, or a car towing a trailer, or birds chasing a darting moth and a camera chasing the birds. Furthermore, this feature now allows you to create a 3rd person camera in which will follow an animated avatar.

3. Normal Mapping: “Normal mapping is used to add detail to shading without using more polygons.”

It’s great to see development occurring at pace and with the growing focus on interoperability between virtual worlds, VastPark has some significant opportunities before it.

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