Real life death and Second Life

Over recent months Linden Lab have stepped up their output of tutorials and knowledgebase articles – nothing illustrates that more than two new additions.

The first is: Death and Other “First Life” Worries. The key issue here is if you have someone threaten suicide in-world or you’re concerned in some other way about their welfare and you want to find out their RL details to ensure they’re ok. Linden Lab have firmly stated that providing one person’s details to another violates their privacy policy. That I can see but surely some sort of escalation mechanism with Linden Lab as the intermediary would be useful?

The second knowledgebase article is: How do I bequeath my Second Life account and assets to another Resident if I die in real life?

Essentially, you’ll need to have specified in your will the real-life name of the person you want your Second Life assets to go to or any instructions on notifying people on your in-world friends list. I have money on someone out there already developing a business model for a virtual world / real world funeral and estate planning service.


  1. Both say ‘invalid string’ when trying to access. 🙁

  2. Both say ‘invalid string’ when trying to access. 🙁

  3. Oops! Thanks Vint – now fixed 😉

  4. Oops! Thanks Vint – now fixed 😉

  5. Wolfie Rankin says

    I have often wondered about that.

    What if you’re with a very sick friend, and lets face it, a lot of people use SL because they’ve had serious illness… what if they’re just *there* and all you see is “Help, I think it’s my heart, help me” ?

    If they won’t let people have other peoples details, that’s fine… but perhaps officers at least should have a red button we could push for emergencies, which would contact someone in charge which could call that persons emergency service in a crisis.


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