VastPark, Twofish Elements and TurboSquid

The announcements keep on coming out of Virtual Worlds 2008, with Australian-based VastPark using the fourm to announce some further developments.

The most interesting announcement to me is the license agreement with Twofish, Inc. They provide an economic platform for ‘online entertainment properties’ called Twofish Elements™ . It’s an ecomonic engine that claims to be “an exclusive technology that powers online economies by allowing partners to simply and dynamically control banking and inventory policies”. That’s obviously not a lot of detail but it certainly does add another string to VastPark’s bow, allowing end-users to create their own real cash or virtual currency economies. Settings such as pricing, scarcity and product information can all be tweaked by the user.

The second announcement involves the establishment of a relationship with 3D model provider, TurboSquid. VastPark users will be able to insert content directly from TurboSquid’s catalog of nearly 200 thousand 3D models, presumably for a price.

During our interview with VastPark CEO Bruce Joy last weekend, he alluded to some of these developments and like any such announcements, it’ll be fascinating to see them actually come to fruition. What looks particularly encouraging is how comprehesive the VastPark offering is looking. If the interface allows for realitively easy content creation, this is likely to me a successful business model.

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