Australians in Second Life Update – up we go a little more

Linden Lab are being quicker off the mark with their metrics, already releasing the Second Life population statistics for April. They show the Aussie active user populations at 12,788, up from last month’s 12,245, with Australia cemented in 11th place worldwide. We spent 571,042 hours in Second Life, making up 1.97% of the overall hours spent.

As Tateru Nino says on Massively:

“Short version: The third month of decline in premium accounts, reduction in Lindex activity, reduction in user hours, sharp rise in land ownership, and the user population continues to trend towards older users.”

There’s certainly now radical change in the statistical trends in Second Life although the steady decline in premium accounts must be of concern to Linden Lab. It places further emphasis on the need for 2008 to truly be the year of improved usability.

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