Linden Lab’s new CEO speaks

Well, he writes a few paragraphs at least, on the Official Linden Blog. It’s a fairly lucid description of his first week, with the standout line for me being:

“Inworld collaboration is going to be a killer application”

Yes indeed it is – when it’s working and even then it’s not so killer when you’re living so far away from the SL servers – that’s an issue I’m hoping is on the radar.


  1. Marsoups says

    Surprised the CEO hasn’t got all that much experience in SL…

    Which is a bit of a shame that he is probably new to the clunky SL interface and is still only 6 months behind getting to know the virtual world well.

    But Imust say I’m optimistic (unlike you Lowelle heheh) that the new guy will help co-ordinate some imporvement in the system. A very difficult job considering having a staff of people working remotely all over the world working in their own time and not in an office where the pressure is on…. Probably a very different scenario from what this CEO is used to.

    I look forward to the changes that he brings about..

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