More Second Life tutorials

The prolific Torley Linden has released sixteen more tutorial videos (at around 2 minutes each) for newer Second Life users or anyone who hasn’t really looked through what Second Life can do.

The latest batch are:

– 3 ways to get to About Land
– Avatar Rendering Cost
– Find Friends & Groups faster
– Give stuff to someone nearby
– Give stuff to someone remote
– Instant viewer download link
– Learn the Lag Meter
– Make a 1-way tinted window
– Open the Advanced menu
– Scroll through tabs faster
– Stop falling through floors
– Troubleshoot sound not playing
– Turn off annoying UI sounds
– Unwear attachments to give them
– Use the pie menu quicker
– What do parcel status icons mean?

That should keep you busy for 32 minutes or so!


  1. More to come, I can assure you of that…

    thanks yet again for the mention! =)

    I appreciate being “Machinima of the Week” too!

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