Aqros: virtual worlds on your mobile phone

I received a note today from Dr. Yesha Sivan, founder of Metaverse Labs. He pointed me to some progress made on a mobile client for virtual worlds – Aqros (across). Second Life is the focus of the initial development, with Aqros up to its first beta version.

This slideshow summarises how it works nicely:

Dr Sivan blogs further on the development here. Although there’s no graphic representation of the virtual world experience, this or one of the other applications under development is likely to be a must-have for some virtual world residents. I’m counting down the days until I land an iPhone and this application will be one of the first installed.


  1. […] not despair however. The Metaverse Journal announces that some progress is being made on a mobile client for virtual worlds – Aqros (across). […]

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