IBM and Linden Lab take the next big step for (virtual) mankind

As announced on the Linden Lab blog today, IBM and Linden Lab have successfully teleported avatars from the Second Life preview grid to an OpenSim virtual world.

Some video of the event below or read the FAQ for future plans:

It’s another noteworthy step toward the holy grail of virtual world interoperability. Linden Lab state they’ll have their own Open Grid beta this month. It’s all very cutting edge for most of us but an echo of a very interesting future in virtual worlds.


  1. Shibari Twine says

    Geeze, you are like a month late with this news, it was blogged about on Reuters, Massivly, in the SL Dev and even the newspapers over a month ago.

  2. Hi Shibari,

    Not late at all – I said ‘the next step’ in the heading because we covered the initial efforts a month ago as well:



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