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Last week we received a media release with the lead “The Virtual Worlds’ answer to MySpace has
been created” and our scepticism meter red-lined. We read on further to discover that Australia-based Steve Cropper (SL: Angelico Babii) has recently launched My Metaverse, a virtual worlds community based on the Ning platform.

The focus is “developing the new media arts and community across all the virtual worlds”. I asked Steve how he thought My Metaverse would gain a critical mass for success when outfits like the Association of Virtual Worlds already have well-established networks, let alone the larger user communities around.

Steve’s response: “Like AVW, we too are setting up on the Ning system, because it is flexible and offers a lot of functionality. Our plans include migrating to a dedicated website and that will follow once we have established the network and it is up and running – hopefully in a month or two or even sooner.

The Metaverse is still largely virgin territory. Like the pioneers of the North American and Australian early settlement, we too find ourselves meeting up with familiar faces in the path well trodden. It seems the Metaverse still has enormous growth left in it and I am as excited as the next person to see what lies beyond the next valley.”

So if you’re in the pioneering spirit, jump into My Metaverse. One warning – music auto-loads when accessing the site, which does give it one (albeit annoying) MySpace comparison for sure.

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