Jamm for Genes

I received a press release today for an event occurring around 12 hours from now so I’ll just reproduce it in full:

Jamm for Genes – SL Benefit Concert Supporting An Australian Charity with Global Benefits

This weekend Australians will raise money for Children’s medical rsearch by holding musical events all across the country – and now in Second Life too!

The Children’s Medical Research Institute works to understand the causes and cures of childhood genetic illness to make a brighter future for children the world over. Jamm for Genes is part of the Institute’s annual Jeans for Genes fundraising drive.

For 24 hours from 5 PM Friday 1st August SL time more than 20 of SL’s best live musicians will perform at Sailors Cove Theatre with all proceeds to be donated to Jamm for Genes.


Jamm for Genes Beginning at 5PM SLT Aug 1 and ending at 5PM SLT August 2 is a charity Live Music Event To be held at Sailors Cove Theater by Ohmy Kidd , volunteers, and his team from Friday Night at The Pocket a weekly concert showcase for over a year in SL. All are invited to and if you like you can wear your jeans in support. If you don’t have any jeans for your avatar we will have some great freebie jeans for you along with some other Australian gifts..Vegemite anyone? Join us for at least part of this wonderful 24 hour live concert in SL .

Aug 1
5PM Tpenta Vanalten
6PM Wread Writer
7PM Dexter Ihnen
8PM Artel Brando
9PM Ande Foggerty
10PM Pato Milo
11PM Army of Ignorance

Aug 2
12AM Jaggpro Mcann
1AM OhmyKidd
2AM Lacey Lohner
3AM Jackdog Snook
4AM Paisley Beebe/Freddy Halderman
5AM Phoe Nix
6AM Midnight in Canberra
8AM Winston Akland
9AM Robie Bloch
10AM Luigi DiPrima
11AM Mason Thorne
12PM Raspbury Rearwin
1PM Noma Falta
2PM Freetar Tammas
3PM Cylindrian Rutabaga
4PM Ohmy Kidd


  1. Thank you for posting this PR. I just wanted to report that the event went very well and a Grand Total of 612482 Linden = $2157 us dollars (not sure what that is in Aussie) was donated at the event which actually ended up running just over 26 hours of Live music in Second Life.

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