VastPark expand developer pool, SDK on the way

Vastpark’s slow but steady progress toward launch continues, with an announcement that its Developer Program has some new faces. Two of those faces include Australian-based companies: Finpa (an eLearning outfit) and The Project Factory (a virtual worlds developer).

The other entities coming on board are MindTaffy (USA), Metaversatility (USA) and ADMINO (Finland)

Vastoark’s CEO is obviously very happy with the expansion – “Given VastPark is an Australian company headquartered in Melbourne, it is great that we’ve got some wonderful Australian developers joining us”.

There’s also a call out for further involvement by developers. VastPark’s Major Projects Manager, Liz Chung: “We’re keen to work with our developers to help them achieve their digital world project goals. For anyone with a project who is either looking for recommendations to a developer or seeking to partner with us on a project, please contact us at Developer AT”.

With a software developer’s kit (SDK) on the way, there’s no arguing that the momentum is building for VastPark – it needs to in the burgeoning virtual worlds marketplace.

Disclosure: The Project Factory are a former advertiser on The Metaverse Journal.

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