Over on the Official Linden Blog, the latest instalment in their Stories from Second Life series features LOCUS, a collection of architectural designs in one area, with a core emphasis on art installations and featured artists.


It seems a liitle strange though, that nowhere is a SLURL provided for LOCUS in the story (here’s one for you).

I had a brief catch-up in-world with LOCUS’ DB Bailey, who was unaware of the Linden Lab story (which also seems strange). Robin Linden also states in the story that LOCUS has plans to move to its own island – DB Bailey’s response to that is: “no we plan to stay here next to our friends at CETUS.

It’s certainly a worthy project to feature – the attention to detail and level of creativity with the builds is superb. We’re hoping to catch up with DB Bailey again in coming weeks to discuss the LOCUS project further.

Check it out in-world

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