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australia build cellar Back in May 2007 we covered the launch of a sim in Second Life called Australia. Up until a month or so ago, things hadn’t altered much until the sim’s change of ownership when it’s previous owner sold due to real-world time contraints. Now run by Australian Second Life developers Top Dingo, there’s been a significant remodification.

Top Dingo partners Noel Jacobson (SL: Pants Lilliehook) and Amanda Hassett (Mahala Peccable) spent just under a month creating some impressive experiences, from red-dirt outback to a South Australian winery and Opera House. Some are indeed enhancements of builds already in existence but the overall effort is so much more than that. It all just seems to fit together a lot more effectively and there’s some real visual delights spread throughout. A highlight for me was the Centrepoint Sydney Tower with its 36-degree Sydney panorama.

Aesthetics have always been a matter of individual taste, but for me, the work done by the Top Dingo team has placed the Australia sim in the same league as the BigPond and ABC presences as far as their visual appeal and focus on building a community rather than a ‘brochure sim’.

A few pictures from the Australia sim:




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