A detailed map of Ironforge vendors and trainers

Note: this map will be updated as needed once Cataclysm hits – watch this space 😉

It’s time for an Ironforge map:


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Ref Name Vendor/s or other key NPCs Trainer/s
A Hall of Mysteries   Priest Trainer (High Priest Rohan)
      Priest Trainer (Braenna Flintcrag)
      Priest Trainer (Toldren Deepiron)
      Paladin Trainer (Brandur Ironhammer)
      Paladin Trainer (Beldruk Doombrow)
      Portal Trainer (Milstaff Stormeye)
      Mage Trainer (Juli Stormkettle)
      Mage Trainers (Bink and Dink)
B Maeva’s Mystical Robe Merchant (Maeva Stonebraid)  
  Apparel Cloth Armor Merchant (Ingrys Stonebrow) (U)  
C The Fighting Weapon Merchant (Bingus)  
  Wizard Wands Merchant (Harick Boulderdrum) (D)  
D Lonberry’s Reagents Vendor (Ginny Longberry)  
E The Mystic Ward Fruit Vendor (Bimble Longberry)  
F Finespindle’s Leatherworking Supplies (Bombus Finespindle) Skinning Trainer (Balthus Stoneflayer)
  Leather Goods   Leatherworking (Fimble Finespindle)
G Stonebrow’s Alliance Cloth Quartermaster (M. Steelshield) Tailoring Trainer (Jormund Stonebrow)
  Clothier Tailoring Supplies (Poranna Snowbraid)  
    Specialty Tailoring Supplies (Outfitter Eric) (U)  
H Burbik’s Supplies Trade Supplies (Burbik Gearspanner)  
I Deep Mountain Mining Supplies (Goinir Bouldertoe) Mining Trainer (Geofram Bouldertoe)
  Mining Guild    
J Unnamed   Shaman Trainer (Farseer Javad)
K The Great Forge Blacksmithing Supplies (Thurgrum Deepforge) Blacksmithing Trainer (Beng. Deepforge)
  (North-East) The Keymaster (Brombar Higgleby) Weaponsmith Trainer (Ironus Coldsteel)
      Armorsmith Trainer (Grum. Steelshaper)
L The Bronze Cooking Supplies (Emrul Riknussun) (D) Cooking Trainer (Daryl Riknussun)
M Thistlefuzz Inscription Supplies (Thargen Heavyquill) Inscription Trainer (Elise Brightletter)
  Arcanery Enchanting Supplies (Tilli Thistlefuzz) Enchanting Trainer (Gimble Thistlefuzz)
    Lexicon of Power  
N The Great Forge Flight Master (Gryth Thurden)  
O Ironforge Herbalism Supplies (Gwina Stonebranch) Herbalism Trainer (Reyna Stonebranch)
  Physician   First Aid Trainer (Nissa Firestone) (U)
P Forlorn Cavern Shady Dealer (Tynnus Venomsprout) Rogue Trainer (Hulfdan Blackbeard)
  (South)   Rogue Trainer (Fenthwick)
      Rogue Trainer (Ormyr Flinteye)
Q Forlorn Cavern   Warlock Trainer (Briarthorn)
  (North)   Warlock Trainer (Thistleheart)
      Warlock Trainer (Alexander Calder)
R Traveling Fishing Supplies (Tansy Puddlefizz) Fishing Trainer (Grimnur Stonebrand)
S Stoneblade’s Blade Merchant (Hjoldir Stoneblade)  
T Springspindle’s Gnomeregan Commendations (entrance) Engineering Trainer (S. Fizzlegear)
  Gadgets Engineering Supplies (Gearcutter Cogspinner)  
U Tinker Town King of Gnomes (High Tinker Mekkatorque) Gnomish Engineering Trainer
  (Central)   (Tinkmaster Overspark)
V Berryfizz’s Potions Alchemy Supplied (Soolie Berryfizz) Alchemy Trainer (Tally Berryfizz)
  & Mixed Drinks    
W Things That Fireworks Vendor (Fizzlebang Booms)  
  Go Boom    
X Tinker Town Alliance Cloth Quartermaster  
  (East) (Bubulo Acerbus)  
Y Goldfury’s Gun Merchant (Bretta Goldfury)  
  Hunting Supplies Bow Merchant (Skolmin Goldfury) (U)  
Z Bruuk’s Corner Bartender (Bruuk Barleybeard)  
    Barmaid (Edris Barleybeard)  
2 Hall of Arms Stable Master (Ulbrek Firehand) Hunter Trainer (Regnus Thundergranite)
      Hunter Trainer (Olmin Burningbeard)
      Hunter Trainer (Daera Brightspear)
      Pet Trainer (Belia Thundergranite)
      Warrior Trainer (Kelv Sternhammer)
      Warrior Trainer (Kelstrum Stonebreaker)
      Warrior Trainer (Bilban Tosslespanner)
3 Timberline Arms Maces and Staves (Kelomir Ironhand) Weapon Master (Bixi Wobblebonk)
    Weapon Merchant (Thalgus Thunderfist) (D) Weapon Master (Bullwyf Stonehand)
    Axe Merchant (Hegnar Swiftaxe) (D)  
    Blade Merchant (Brenwyn Wintersteel) (D)  
4 Craghelm’s Plate Light Armor Merchant (Lissyphus Finespindle)  
  and Chain Mail Armor Merchant (Dolkin Craghelm)  
    Heavy Armor Merchant (Olthran Craghelm) (U)  
5 The Military Training Dummies  
6 Fizzlespinner’s Bag Vendor (Pithwick)  
  General Goods Trade Supplies (Fizzius Fizzlespinner)  
    General Goods (Brillia Ironbrand)  
7 Ironforge Tabard Vendor (Lyesa Steelbrow)  
  Visitor’s Center Guild Master (Jondor Steelbrow)  
8 Ironforge Auctioneers  
  Auction House    
9 Barim’s Reagents Reagents Vendor (Barim Jurgenstaad)  
10 The Stonefire Brew of the Month Club (Larkin Thunderbrew)  
  Tavern Innkeeper (Innkeeper Firebrew)  
    Barmaid (Gwenna Firebrew)  
    Brew of the Month Club (Brew Vendor)  
11 Barber Shop Barber (Pella Brassbrush)  
12 Ironforge Heavy Armor Merchant (Mangorn Flinthammer)  
  Armory Light Armor Merchant (Raena Flinthammer)  
    Heavy Armor Merchant (Bromiir Ormsen) (U)  
13 Vault of Ironforge Bankers  
    Guild Vault  
14 Steelfury’s Weapon Merchant (Dolman Steelfury)  
  Weapon Weapon Merchant (Grenil Steelfury)  

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