Virtual worlds and business: 2010 overview

A little over a year ago we created a short discussion paper on the potential impact of virtual worlds on business. Since that time literally hundreds of people have downloaded the paper, so we thought it was worth updating it.

It remains a fairly succinct overview of the opportunities presented by virtual environments in the enterprise, as well as identifying some of the misconceptions around. The updated version now contains some discussion on trends for the coming 12-months (partly based on our 2010 predictions post) as well as a wrap-up of the major platforms to watch.

You can download Virtual Worlds and business: 2010 overview for free by going to this page.

As always, if there’s omissions or alterations needed, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


  1. Guys kindly visit our seminary .

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for picking that up! It is in fact a plain duplication, so it’s now fixed. It was even proof-read so shows the power of multiple eyes 😉


  3. Looks like a great study. I am looking through it now to see how my company can take & use some of the nuggets you have. I did notice that, in the 2010 Trends section, the 2nd and 4th points have the exact same copy. Both deal with integration but I would think the content would be different?

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