Second Life in a browser on the near horizon

“Project Skylight” is its name apparently, and it’s the project that will hopefully deliver Second Life in a web browser. Tateru Nino got a confirmation from Linden Lab that testing will be occurring, so hopefully we’ll see some concrete examples in the short-term.

It’s a well overdue development, and one that is not so much innovative as essential for Second Life’s longer term survival. I know that for me my time in SL use will increase with a browser based version, as I can do it alongside my other browser activities. It’s a no-brainer really and kudos to the developers making it a reality.


  1. Why is it so important for SL to be in a browser?

    I don’t see it. It’s like trying to cram a round peg into a square hole. It’s already an effort for a standalone viewer to run in the environment so what chance does a browser based version have? For it to even vaguely work, the browser based version will be highly restricted in its capabilities.

    There have been so many attempts at doing a browser based virtual world by so many companies and almost without fail they’ve all failed.

    I wish LL would stop going after the general populace and simply concentrate on the creative community instead. SL never was suitable for everyone. Most of the world either don’t get it or don’t see the point so why keep watering the environment down more and more in a vain effort to persuade them.

    Make the place wonderful to creators, give them all the tools they need, keep them happy and help them produce awe inspiring content and others will follow.

  2. Lawra Idlemind says

    If that can help me get online from behind the firewall at work, I may not leave SL after all.

    AjaxLife used to be my lifeline until linden Labs killed that possibility – all I need is a PC-based chat interface. I can live without graphics for a couple of weeks at a time; but no contact at all makes my SL too expensive for what I get out of it.

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