Man vs Second Life: the sequel

Back in July 2009 we covered Man vs Second Life, one of the funnier pieces of Second Life machinima around. At the time it had reached more than 50-thousand views on Youtube.

At that time its creator, Sean Krueger (Hugity) posted a further piece to YouTube stating the original piece was a school final project, that he was going to seek real video work and in between some interesting insights on the making of the film, he made some fairly judgemental comments on furries in particular and Second Life more broadly. That video from Sean Krueger has since been removed from YouTube and he’s now released Man Vs Second Life 2.

You can view it here, but a warning it’s not safe for work or kids:

There’s also an interview with Sean over at New World Notes with some behind-the-scenes insights. This is one funny machinima from a team with an ambivalent relationship with Second Life – which is probably one of the key ingredients of their success.


  1. Thanks for posting my vid! And yes, to clarify a bit on my previously removed rant video– at that time, I was having a lot of personal frustrations with both Second Life and my own, which have since been alleviated.. it’s a real long story, but I want to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone I may have offended. I am not a hating person, nor did I intend to be.

    So, I offer you Man vs. Second Life 2 as a gift to the community! We hope you enjoy it, as we took extra time conceiving this new incarnation!

  2. Lowell Cremorne says

    Thanks for dropping by Sean and for the extra info – look forward to seeing more instalments in the future 😉

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