Rod Humble (and I) talk SL on Australian radio about Second Life

An interesting morning, with Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble and myself being invited to appear on the Kyle and Jackie O show.

For Australian readers, you’ve probably heard about Kyle Sandilands in particular, so I went into the interview with eyes wide open on how balanced the interview would be.

As expected it was a predictable angle, paraphrased as “Hey, look at those freaky people who give up their life to go into Second Life”. That said, Kyle Sandilands was the comparative voice of reason out of the two hosts, at least keeping an open mind.

It’s worth a listen to hear how Linden Lab’s CEO deals with a tabloid approach to Second Life. Not surprisingly the piece opens with Sissy, a self-proclaimed SL addict. Have a listen for yourself and here’s a link to 2Day FM’s podcast of 17th January. It did make the cut – as predicted, sex pose balls make for good listening in the tabloid world.


  1. Hey thanks for  the support! Your answers were far better than mine! Anyway I thought it was all in good fun they are openly a tabloid/entertainment type show and for that it was as balanced as a short time frame like that can be. Anyways thanks again for being there!

  2. *sighs*… way to perpetuate the stereotypes about what peeps do in Second Life. No wonder we’re all moving to opensim! 😉 … Thank goodness you were there to provide a more reasonable perspective, Lowell! 😉

  3. Why is it mostly deadhead people who get interviewed on these shows? It would have been so easy to find people passionate about Secondlife, including the lady who breeds horses to make money while at home with a baby, not her dummy sister. The guy near the end who tried to put forward a positive view was unfortunately cut off. Pity. And surprisingly, Kyle has come off as the more sensible of the two. At least he tries (in this instance) to have an open mind.

  4. Siana Gearz says

    Aua, that went pretty badly.

  5. I don’t really understand why people read books – like Tom Sawyer or The Lord of the Rings or To Kill a Mockingbird.  Don’t these people know that this is not REAL! They should spend their time with real things, like watching television.

  6. *waves to Jokay*  =)

  7. Wow Rod Humble really likes trash media …

  8. Tiffy Vella says

    I can’t believe that these two “interviewers” (one who brags about watching 6 hours of television daily yet cannot imagine why people would wish to socialise online and engage their imaginations) had the opportunity to speak to Rod Humble, and could only come up with this drivel. Unbelievable.

  9. Why the heck did you even bother? Thee are the same people who got David Attenborough and got him to play “name that animal sex noise”.

  10. This. They should have picked me to appear on it. I’m a furry and i usually hang out at pg areas that have concerts. Why do they constantly keep focusing on secks on SL? Second Life has more than secks,like concerts,museums,skydiving,combat,and such. Please stop focusing on the bad parts! It seems too the people were insulting the person and such. I’ve met people on there and met people from countries like England and such. IMHO,people fear anything different. Of course one thing that should change is discrimination against people for mentioning SL,One time i mentioned it on a music site,people started giving me trouble for it,likewise if they tried giving me trouble on a furry site,they would receive a infraction. imo,furries are better than non-furries,because we tolerate more.

  11. Paisley Beebe says

    I recon Kyle has been on Second Life…he sound’s very “knowing” about it….actually he said some pretty straight up things…must’ve been a bit frustrating for Rod, to have only had such a short bit to say….OMG OMG virtual worlds…when did this happen!!! 


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