Ten Great Australian Songs You May Not Know

It’s Australia day and there’s plenty of music going around. Triple J run their hottest 100 which is always worth a listen. The Pay TV channels have their ‘Top 100’ aussie music countdowns as well. So I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and round up 10 songs you probably won’t have heard of, or at least you won’t know them well. They’re all catchy in their own way, but feel free to suggest your own in comments!

The Triffids – The Seabirds

The opening song from one of the most acclaimed aussie albums of all time:

Paul Kelly – Bicentennial

Some would see it as brave to release and perform this song today. Imagine doing it in 1988 to coincide with Australia’s bicentennial celebrations.

TISM – Greg! The Stop Sign!!

Australia’s balaclava wearing icons. This song has better harmonies than the Beach Boys.

Solid Citizens – Singing in the Shower

Vacuous synth pop but catchy as hell, and these guys are still going!

Vitabeats – Boom Box

You may have forgotten this song but once you hear it again the horrifying reality of its catchiness will get you.

Architecture in Helsinki – It’5!

This one is from 2006:

The Panics – Majesty

I think I would have enjoyed history more at school if these guys had been involved:

The Falling Joys – Jennifer

I can say I’ve covered the 1990’s (just) with this one:

My Friend the Chocolate Cake – A Midlife’s Tale

Very hard to know which song to choose from this mob, but this is one of the much underrated and known songs from their first album.

Painters and Dockers – Die Yuppie Die

Let’s go out with some rock containing some pretty scathing lyrics:


  1. Buffalo – Freedom

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